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producer school


"Not at all what the rest of the insurance schools are teaching." What's different?
  • Unlike most producer schools, we don't teach insurance, we teach Producers how to succeed in the insurance business. We focus on the 7 Success Skills. Planning - Organization - Prospecting - Selling - Book Growth - Book optimization - Retention

  • iQ is the only Success School developed by insurance producers, for insurance producers. We're successful insurance professionals who've grown & managed large, profitable books of business. We've made a habit of beating the competition, and we'll teach your producers to do the same.

  • We turn out finished producers ready to hit the streets running with the skills of a veteran and the energy of youth to delver predictable outcomes… immediate success and staying power.

  • With the right tools, any job is easier. We provide a custom portfolio of tools producers use to differentiate themselves throughout their career. Tools like Game books, business plans, tracking systems, prospecting tools, communication pieces, book growth and optimization systems and much more.

  • The key to effective learning is rehearsal & repetition. iQ devotes more time to role playing and rehearsing than anyone we know. The key to retention is constant positive re-enforcement so we finish strong with coaching and mentoring for both students and their managers.

  • The only constant is change, so we keep your producers ahead of the curve with access to iQ Online for up to date, cutting edge tools in use today and in the future. Producers also have access to iQ’s on line learning library to hone & re-enforce success skills learned in iQ Success School.

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The key to profitability and the future rests in the hands of your producers. Without new blood and perpetuation, the future of your agency is uncertain. If you have recent new hires, producers not yet validated, or Veterans not meeting expectations. The iQ High Performance Agent Schools can be the margin between average & exceptional or the difference between success and failure. For more information about our HPA Academy or to enroll in an upcoming program, contact us. iQ Success Schools can be the difference between success and failure, or the margin between average & exceptional. "This is truly a World Class approach to Producer Development. Very comprehensive, not at all what the rest of the schools are teaching. Our producers come back ready to play and win" John Mostoller Branch Manager Western States Insurance


  • Day 1 Morning
    Introduction & overview
    Producer assessment
    Understanding people
    Understanding motivation and change
    Day 1 Afternoon
    Personality types
    Producer personality profile
    Mastering the spoken word
    Mastering the written word
    Mastering body language
    Mastering intelligent questions
    Homework assignment-Personality Styles
  • Day 2 Morning
    Recap of day one-Q & A Home work review-Role play
    The power goals-Personal goal setting exercise
    Business plans-Development of personal business plans
    Mastering time management
    Mastering preparation & organization
    Day 2 Afternoon
    Mastering the marketing process
    The Insurance sales cycle
    Information gathering
    Preferred pricing strategy
    Perfect submissions
    Niche marketing-program business
  • Day 3 Morning
    Recap of day 2-Q & A Homework review-Role play
    The iQ Pipeline Curve TM
    Perpetual pipeline of perfect prospects
    Prospect Sources -Ideal prospects -Top 25/50/100
    Prospecting Techniques-Mining for gold workshop
    Managing pipelines
    Day 3 Afternoon
    Intelligent tools workshop
    iQ Tools- Website library review & access
    Building & using game books
    Competitive analysis
    iQ Pre - call preparation
    Homework- Prospect call strategy
  • Day 4 Morning
    Recap of day 3 -Q & A Home work review-Role play
    The iQ Sales Curve TM Sales Call Mastery
    Engage-Role Play
    Assess-Role Play
    Compare-Role Play
    Re-Assess- Role Play
    Consult-Role Play
    Day 4 Afternoon
    The iQ Sales Curve TM Sales Call Mastery
    Qualify-Role Play
    Insulate-Role play
    BOR -Role Play
    Objections-Role play
    Sales Call Mastery Role play
  • Day 5 Morning
    iQ Retention Curve TM
    Shark proof
    Introduction, Insulation, Investment
    Pre renewal Strategy
    Menu’s/Time lines/Stewardship
    Retention strategies
    Cross sell
    Day 5 Afternoon
    iQ Growth Curve TM
    Calculating hit ratios
    Average Revenue per relationship
    Growing your book intelligently
    Trading down
    20/40/40 Book optimization Formula
    Debriefing-3:00 PM-5:00PM Q & A