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By most standards, iQ Consulting is a young company, but our history and reach in the performance coaching arena spans over 30 years and North America. Our approach to success coaching is built from decades of personal experience in Production, Sales Management, and Agency leadership. Our experience working with the executive leadership teams from the most successful companies in North America give us an unparalleled perspective from which to assess, coach and advise our clients. We share and apply business acumen, experience, and insights from the very best minds in our industry to help you implement best practices solutions that create cash flow, profitability and organic growth for your Agency.


To accelerate organic growth for our clients though sales leadership and producer development services


• Traditional sales training is like cramming for a test. Retention is short and results are average at best. Genuine learning requires study, coaching and reinforcement until knowledge or a new skill or process is learned.

• A coaches ability to impact performance is directly correlated to their ability, knowledge and experience. To effectively guide others, you must first travel the road successfully.


There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. It is shared knowledge that shortens learning curves to create high levels of performance and accelerate organic growth. What we bring to the table is much more than just personal experience and success.

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We've been in the performance coaching industry since 2006, but our history and experience spans over 30 years in North America. Our niche is the Insurance and Financial Services industries in the US and Canada. Our disciplines are based on significant experience in production, sales management, agency management sales training and performance consulting.

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Our clients are very special organizations lead and supported by amazing people. They are the some of the most innovative, creative and successful business people in the industry. All have the desire to create prosperity for their families and their communities. We are truly humbled they have chosen to partner with us to help them reach their goals.

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